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Building a Recording Studio for our troops, what?.. Seriously?

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Yes, and we're very serious about it, because we know that deployment can take its toll on our military personnel. Music can be very therapeutic, and an excellent way to re-leave stress especially for those with PTSD (Speaking from personal experience). Spending time in the studio, expressing their talent, can be one way (even if only a minor way) to make the transition back into civilian life a little easier. This is another step in our desire to prove our support and care for our military personnel. This will cost our active Kansas troops and our Veterans within 5 yrs. post military service (with a DD 214 Form) absolutely nothing to record their music. They will receive one (1) final mixed down copy on CD, SDHC Card or CF Card.

OSA is seeking help from companies willing to trade studio equipment in exchange for advertising space (company logo, image of product donated and link to your site) as seen on this page. We can't do this without your help.

Special Note:
We figure that if you know what we need, and what it cost, you will be in a better position to know if you can help. With that said we have listed some items below, click on one of the links and it will take you to a site that sells the item, and you can see the price, etc. In addition, if you purchase an item and have if shipped to us, then you know where your hard earned money is going for sure, right. If you choose to do that, email us for our shipping address. Thank you in advance, if anyone is in a position that can help we would very much appreciate it and will do our best to show our thanks publicly.






Please consider helping!

As of 01/19/2023 We Still Need...
Microphones Needed (click item name for price)
  • Shure SM57 (4 Needed)
  • Rode NT2000 (2 Needed)
  • Headphones

    If you are in a position to help with the above products, please contact us for any questions you many have and for our shipping address. ~ Thank you.



    OSA would like to thank, first and foremost Sweetwater for their continued support of our efforts to build the Bunker Recording Studio. Their support for our troops is greatly appreciated.



    OSA wishes to thank Cable Organizer, and Pegasus Lighting and PSSL. These companies have generously donated or discounted products and have joined us in our efforts to build this studio for our troops!

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    Contact Operation Soldier Assist: Click Here