Warfighters Engaged


Introducing Warfighers Engaged

We invite you to visit our friends at Warfighter Engaged and lean more about the work they do to help our severly wounded veterans. You can also visit them at their Facebook page. We know that many of you who visit OSA have family members who are deployed or they are now veterans. So you understand the better than most how important it is to help our veterans. I hope that you will show your support for Warfighter Engaged, I have known their founder for several years he is a man of integrity, and goes far out of his way to help not only our deployed troops, (adopt-a-soldier program), but much more then that, the support he gives to our wounded warfighters!

- Blaine P. Ducote Sr.
Founder OSA

Here are just a few photos of solutions that Warfighter Engaged developed for our wounded veterans.
SGT. recieved a paintball turret for his Trackchair.
SSG. is see here using his adapted XBOX rig
The V2P is a mechanically activated device. It cannot hold knives or any tools or eating utensiles requiring leverage. This simple plastic adapter slips on and provides reaction points providing the user with the ability to generate significant force to cut meat, and other harder foods.

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